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at the last minute i was told to plead guilty,even though i have acute acid reflux disease,and medical evidence to prove this plus i was not driving


New member
at the last minute i was told to change plea to guilty,by national motoring lawyers barister.even though i have acute acid reflux disease and medical evidence to prove it,also i was in my doctors surgery waiting to be seen as i was feeling sick etc,and police took me outside and breath tested me there. i was not driving when this happened,and my car was parked in surgery car park private land....i cannot work now as iam a driver in the motortrade,please can you help me ?? thankyou

Martin Hammond

Hi. Putting aside whether the advice is wrong or right, as I would need more information for that, it would be nearly impossible to get this case listed at the minute due to Covid. However even if it was listed that Court would rely on the fact that whilst you were given advice, the final decision was made by yourself. So, I'm sorry but I dont think you would be successful in asking for your decision to be changed but there is nothing to stop you speaking to the Court and seeing what could be done.

All the best