At a loss CDT level not 0.0 solicitor not happy.

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Hello, I an at the point where I am replying for my liscence. backstory: I was banned for three years 8 years ago with six months removed for completeing the dd course. I have been found to be 'dependant' although I was in treatment for bing drinking, my counselor will confirm this, that I was never dependant but my issue was missuse. However a doctor put on my medical records over 14 years ago 'alcoholic.'
I took a CDT test last December and got a reading of 0.5. The DVLA just sent a questionnaire to a doctor I have never met and sent a letter saying apply again in a year. I took a solicitor that told me the questionnaire was filled in unfavourably. this took 5 months due to covid. My solicitor advised me it could take 6 months to get a court date so best to just wait, I did. Now I am ready to reapply, I have not drank at all in over a year and a half, took another CDT test with a reading of 0.8, questioned this, medichecs said this was normal and not an indication of alcohol consumption. My solicitor left the firm and I now have another who seems to think I have three options:
to close the file and wait till I can prove 12 months of abstinence.
Find a consultant who can determine my history is misuse.
Find a doctor that can provide an explanation as to why my reading went from 0.5 a 11 months ago to 0.8.
My new solicitor (same firm) told me to reapply when I have a reading of 0.0, is this possible? I am at a complete loss as to what to do. My GP confirms my not drinking, as he did back in December, he did not fill in the DVLA form. My councilor is furious about my medical records labeling me as dependant, 14 years ago.
If there is any advice I could get It would be greatly appreciated. thank you
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