Asked to attend a DVLA Medical based on NO drinking related offence, but from a 'chat' with a Police Doctor

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Last year I was arrested under suspicion of a non drinking or drink driving related offence. at the police station, before I was interviewed, I was asked to see the 'Police Doctor' to assess me for my own well being, to ensure that I was ok and fit for interview. I was told the talk with the 'doctor' would be confidential. I was asked a few questions re my well being, suicidal, etc. I was asked about drinking, I said, at the time I was drinking too much. This chat was not recorded, it wasn't a formal interview, I signed nothing.

After the 'chat' with the police doctor, I was interviewed formally with a solicitor, which was recorded, about a completely unrelated offence, that had absolutely nothing to do with alcohol or a alcohol related motoring offence. I was never asked about alcohol in the interview, as it was not what I was there for. I had no tests for alcohol or blood tests for alcohol whilst at the station.

I then received a letter from the DVLA 2 months later telling me that the police contacted them about my 'drinking problem' and I should send them my driving licence, and permit them access to my medical records to assess my fitness to drive. I complied, they arranged a telephone interview with my GP with a questionnaire over the phone. Which I completed. They then decided that I have to attend a DLVA Medical to assess my fitness to drive. All this based on one conversation with a police doctor.

My question is, how can I, with no history of alcohol abuse/dependency, never ever been arrested or convicted of any alcohol related offence, have to go through this process? Can the police legally do this?

Any legal advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Martin Hammond

Good morning.

It isn't technically the police doing this it is the DVLA, although I obviously see your point.

All you can do is either go along with what the DVLA are asking you to do or list the matter with the Magistrates Court and ask them to overturn any decision to remove your licence, however if you chose the latter you need to make sure that you have evidence of your sobriety as they are unlikely to accept your word for it.

Kind regards
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