Arrested in car park.

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Hi, as my car was parked on main road in evening at a friend. As I planned to stay over for the night because I had a drink and in different city, my friend advised me to move the car into the car park for the night as i will get ticket in morning for parking in within bus operating. By doing so which isn’t even 100m got cough in car park already parked. This was Sunday 11pm nothing is open and it’s desert. But the police lied about the place I was arrested and lied about details at the police to aggravate my situation. I have a video that proof my arrest in car park filmed by my friend. And why the police would lie anyway is because I am a foreigner? The video is pretty clear of whereabouts. My license is clean never been arrested in my life and I found this to be unfair.


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I want to know if there’s a chance to avoid driving ban, the reason is my job involves sites surveys and can go to multiple sites in a day. So without a car, I cannot keep the job and in this time of Covid-19 to find another job isn’t easy, meaning there’s more chance that I ends up on universal credit (jobseekers allowances). If there’s can you point me to the right direction? Thanks.

Martin Hammond

If you are saying that the police have no proof of you driving then you could potentially ask for a lower charge of 'being in charge of the vehicle' to be substituted by the Prosecution. If they did witness the driving then you need to run a 'shortness of distance' argument to have a chance of keeping your licence but you did travel quiet some distance for this argument to be effective.

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