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Dear Sir,

Recently I supplied blood, in hindsight I should’ve read recommendations for %CDT test on the net.

I admit that I had few drinks week before the test, and previous week, but all drinking for previous weeks were well under recommended alcohol intake for male of 14 units a week, I generally was drinking well under 14 units.

Now I have received a letter telling me that I didn’t pass and my %CDT is 0.7%, I looked at various sources including on this site, and information is consistent to be:

For drivers with a history of alcohol dependence

GREEN - %CDT = 1.6% or less

I do not have any dependence history registered with my GP or any alcohol related illnesses. My offence was 10 years ago, and as I was living abroad I didn’t bother to apply, I had attempted to apply once few years back when I returned to the country, but due to inconvenient location of the nominated doctor didn’t see the process through.

Do I have any chance to appeal the decision, I can stop drinking no problem for whichever the timescale. I find it bit unfair that they declined my application, I wasn’t trying to get it on false pretence that I am not drinking at all … I was confident that my drinking was always under 14 units a week and this should’ve been sufficient.

The letter states that they will consider my new application in a year and me being abstinent from alcohol for a year.

I am planning to appeal, but would like an advice what should I write to them and if I have a chance? I don’t mind proposing the repletion of the blood test etc or perhaps you could advise what is the normal thigs to say to them?!

Thanks you in advance and best regards,

Thanks Martin,
Say, If I would to go with your firm, how much will it cost me to see this process through ?
Best regards,
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