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i had a couple of drinks at my home banged my head on my ottoman passed out woke and drove my car round the corner not remembering i had a drink, i believe i blacked out or clipped the kurb hit the side of a house no one hurt walked away from the scene bleeding heavy all i can remember of the event is being in hospital where the police took blood without me really knowing which im waiting for the results while in hospital they did use a Breathalyzer which was 70 i have had severe mental health problems and suicidal leading up to this which im seeking help for what do you believe the punishment will be with the mitigating circumstances

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Based on your breath test of 70, you would fall into the second sentencing bracket and sentencing guidelines suggest a driving disqualification of 17-22 months, a band C fine and possibly a community service order.

The sentence you receive however will be based on your blood test results, not your breath test.

It may be that by the time the blood test was carried out the alcohol in your system had reduced and you may find yourself falling into the first sentencing bracket which suggests a 12 - 16 month disqualification and either a band C or a band B fine.

You can ask the court for the opportunity to attend the drink driving rehabilitation course, completing the course will result in any period of disqualification being reduced by up to 25%.

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Thank you will have to wait for the blood results before i know what im facing would the court take the mitigating circumstances into consideration