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Hello All,

I was hoping to get some advise on my situation.

I was pulled up on a private driveway to a farmers field in my vehicle with the engine NOT running and the keys were not in the ignition but on the passengers seat. When I wish to smoke I will drive to this location and park my car smoke and then either walk home or get a taxi back home as I don't drug drive.

The police came and asked me what I was doing there and smelt the Cannabis and asked me for a drug saliva sample. I provided this and was positive for Cannabis. I was arrested and had my bloods taken and then was released on investigation. I have an interview with the officer tomorrow.

I was hoping to get some advise on this and how I can defend myself? Also would it be worth paying the £400 fee I have been quoted to have my blood sample tested privately in this case?

I was arrested on Driving whilst unfit through drugs and incharge whillst unfit due to drugs,

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Martin Hammond

Good morning,

If you are looking to defend yourself you would be best placed to hire a solicitor.

The issue of private driveway could be a defence but it is not a strong defence as it is likely to be classed as a public place if the public have access to it. That said, there are other defences which a good specialist solicitor will discuss with you.

I would not attend interview without a solicitor, a lot of defences could be lost at interview stage.

I would definitely have your blood tested, an accurate independent test will be a big help further down the line.

Kind regards
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