Advice needed please 🙏

Convicted Driver Insurance


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I used to have the odd joint of cannabis when times got a bit stressful or at weekends but I gave it up as a new years resolution but on the 23rd of January I got a letter through the post from the dvla requesting that I go and have a medical examination..I made my booking for 14th April and had a simple urine test (no other tests taken)
I have been totally drug free since new year but earlier this week 21st May I received another letter from the dvla stating that my licence had been revokedand I have to send it back. Letter stated that dvla indicates that I have a history of either persistent misuse or dependence on drugs or illegal substances.

How can one simple urine test reflect this and how can the dvla say that I am a persistent user of drugs 🤦‍♂️

Has anyone else been in this position? What can be done about it

The dvla are stating that I gibe up my licence for 6 months now but I need my car for work purposes and to see my friends and family as they live miles away from me

I have never been pulled over by police for drugs or speeding nor have I had any convictions for this

Can someone please help 😢
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