2nd offence blew 129

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So I've been arrested 2nd time in 3.5 years. First time blew 44. This time 129.

Was taken to station charged and held overnight and taken to court the next morning where was informedby duty solicitor I could go to prison, duty solicitor said she would try push for suspended with curfew and tag but didn't seem optimistic.

Also I wasn't given any paperwork and don't have any details of the solicitor to ask exactly what happened as i was in shock and almost expecting to go straight to prison.

I was given a slip which said case adjourned, and handwritten was see probation for report to be done, but in brackets said will get in touch. I was then shown the exit, should I just wait for them to contact me?

Will I be going to prison.. how likely is this. If so how long can I expect. I am almost on the verge of dying with worry and have 3 weeks before my court date. I am going to see my doctor for some anti depressants as I feel like my life is over and can't sleep and haven't eaten for almost three days.

Would a solicitor be able to get the details from the court/duty solicitor, I'm really unsure where I stand or what to do.

Martin Hammond

If you didn't get details of your solicitor it is likely they will write to you over the coming days to arrange an appointment to answer your questions. I wouldn't like to predict what is going to happen to you, I think once you get the letter from your solicitor you will be able to speak to them and hopefully they can put your fears to rest.

Kind regards


Thank you for your reply. Im not sure I made myself clear, I didn't have my own solicitor but used the duty solicitor. Would a duty solicitor still contact me/write to me?

When I hire a solicitor can they access the details from the first hearing? Or are they able to talk to the duty solicitor to see what happened?

Thanks again for your help and honesty..
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