18 year old with DR10


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My son was done for DD and is completing the rehab course. He’ll be 19 when he regains his licence. No no claims bonus. wo the insurance price be less if one of his parents was also insured to drive his car and if he had a black box?

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Hi @SusyA, thanks for the question. Normally insurers will rate their policies on the highest rated driver, however some will allow a discount for a named driver being on the policy subject to their own driving history. In relation to your question on getting a Black Box, it is unlikely that an insurer will offer this type of policy with a DR10 conviction, but there may be a few out there that do. I would recommend doing your research as far in advance as you can and speak to some brokers like ourselves and some direct insurers as well so that you get the clearest picture of what will likely be available. Hopefully you can get something competitive sorted when he is back on the road! (y)
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