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Hi,I finally received my licence in December 2020,1 year,2 really good lft results backed by a stopped drinking date,also stated I was prescribed mirtazapine 30mg,the letter says due to my previous misuse,the rest I cant remember as I'm at work,my question is would it have stated dependency and therefore no alcohol, or am I allowed to drink within the government guidelines?
I don't want to get caught out on my next medical, and cant seem to get through to dvla to question this,anyone had a similar letter on return of licence,or is there another way to find out?
Many thanks, Chrism


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Talk to your Dr, IF they have registered you as alcohol dependant then it's there for LIFE i think, hence you can NOT drink at all!!

Too many Dr's are putting people down as dependent when in fact they are self medicating for a short period.
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